Saturday, February 27, 2010

Haiti Relief Fundraiser From King Gyros Greek Restaurant in Columbus, OH

Yianni and his staff at King Gyros Greek Restaurant in Columbus, OH wanted to contribute to the cause of earthquake relief in Haiti in big way. They all decided to open for a relief event on a Sunday, when King Gyros is usually closed. After discussing it, they decided to open on Sunday, February 21st, and call that day "Gyros for Haiti". The staff volunteered their time between 12 pm and 6pm and Yianni donated all of the food on behalf of King Gyros.

There were many preparations for that day. First, daily customers and friends were told from two weeks ahead about the fundraiser.
Yianni and his staff passed out fliers to everyone visiting for Eat-in, Take-out, or to people going through the Drive-thru. Everyone also visited libraries, schools, and public areas locally to let them know about this event. All of King Gyros' fans were notified and asked to RSVP on Facebook at King Gyros Greek Restaurant, on twitter with KingGyrosGreek, and an email was sent to everyone who is a member or part of the Greek Club.

Finally, it was the day of the event. King Gyros opened from 12 PM to 6 PM to serve and people were lined up right off the bat to get their gyros and donate to the cause. The restaurant stayed busy for most of the day. People were very, very supportive and appreciative to be able to give help for Haiti this way. "We are glad and honored to be able to help the people of Haiti in any way, and this was our way of being able to give to them and help in their time of need", Yianni said. When giving their money, there were many charities to chose from but the one that clearly stood out to Yianni and his staff at King Gyros was the Lifeline Christian Mission. The Columbus Local News covered the event - you can read the story here. For "Gyros for Haiti", all nine of the King Gryos employees worked and donated their time to help support earthquake relief. King Gyros Greek Restaurant raised a total of $2,087.00 for the 6 hour period and it will all be all given to Lifeline Christian Mission to help the people of Haiti. Mariah Brown, 18, an employee at King Gyros, said she hoped the effort would serve as an example for others. "By doing this, maybe others will help, too," Brown said. "We raised more than $2,000 and it felt good to help."

Yianni said, "We want to thank our friends and customers for all of their support and helping to make this happen".


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