Monday, June 29, 2009

Greek Kataife

I still remember the first time I ate my first kataife. My grandmother made it for a special occasion and my parents decided that I can have some. We would usually eat baklava or Galactobureko (Greek Custard) and the older people and parents would eat the kataife but not for kids. I knew I was growing up in their eyes from that day on. Kataife is a little more labor intense to make and you would have to appreciate pastries in general to feel good about eating Kataife. There is not any Greek Restaurants in Columbus that I know have Kataife. I love the flavor and the texture of it and of course the cinnamon mixed with walnut filling. You can start by opening up the shredded dough, a good thick layer and right in front set the filling end to end. Roll the Kataife dough until it looks like a large shredded wheat. Brush some butter and set in the preheated oven until it is brown on top. You should turn it once for even cooking. Bring it out and pour some honey syrup over it while it is still hot so it would drink as much as possible. Let it cool down and then serve. I like to make mine a larger size because a small one would not be enough. It is much too often people come in at my restaurant and cannot believe we offer it. My little one loves it and recently she has been eating it at least once a week. She does not need to be grown for me to offer it to her because I know what she would be missing! King Gyros Greek Restaurant is located in Columbus, Ohio and Yianni offers the largest variety of Greek desserts and pastries in Central Ohio. Menu is online at .

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  1. What do I think? Heaven! I can see why this is an adult-only dessert! Decadent!