Tuesday, June 23, 2009


People love to tell stories when it comes to these Smelts. They always talk about how they used to catch them with their group of friends coming down the river. I find if you lived north of Columbus and into Michigan, and like fish, you have a smelt story. In Greece at home or at a Greek restaurant, we share these with everyone and set in the middle of the table to enjoy. Among like other Greek foods like calamari these are really popular as well. These little fishies are tasty if breaded and cooked with care. The smelts are Wild Caught Canadian Lake Smelts. The are not farmed, as might think and it makes them appealing. For preparation, first you must pour the batter on them and mix together. Then you would flour them in the bread crumbs/flour combination and make sure each one is totally covered. Next, you would put them in the fryer to cook in canola oil. For best results the oil has to be 325 degrees and you must cook them crispy on the outside to insure they are cooked on the inside. Serve with our homemade Greek sauce and sprinkle a little lemon if desired. We serve these for eat-in or take-out. This item is fairly new and is currently not even listed on our menu yet. If you are a fish lover you will totally enjoy this as an appetizer or a dinner.

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