Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Strawberry Cheesecake Baklava

Everyone loves desserts or pastries. Not as much in the U.S., but in Greece there is a pastry and homemade ice cream shop in each corner. It is the neighborhood favorite. In Montreal, my wife's hometown, there is three pastry shops within a block of each other. In general people love baklava but they might go outside the box if it looks and sounds good. This Baklava gets creative and goes outside the box without the the walnut with cinnamon baklava that you would be used to seeing in a baklava. I start with the homemade cheesecake and topped it with the strawberry glaze. Wrap it inside the fillo with some buttered layers, and bake it til it's golder brown, then drizzle it with honey syrup when coming out of the oven. When it cools off I sprinkle some powder sugar on top and then you dive in. This to die for. This piece is made for two "this way you can share with your better half" and still feel satisfied at the end.

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